Sunday, September 26, 2004

Entry #7

I did pretty good last night. I competed in four matches.

First match: Lost. I did horrible in my first one. I think I danced
around too much at the beginning and tired myself out. Also, my
opponent socked me right in the eye at one point and it started
watering up, and I couldn't see anything. I had to give up.

Second match: Tie. Nothing special happened here, we just duked it out until we both gave up.

Third match: Win. Have this one on film. Lasted 4 minutes 22
seconds. I wore him out pretty much. At the end I got him in a corner
and wailed on him and he gave up.

Fourth match: Win. This was against a different person than the last
three. Have this one on film. Fight lasted 1 minute 41 seconds. He hit
pretty hard but I dodged almost all of them. I got him hard in the
stomach, also got some face shots in. He gave up.

Strong points:
Strength/hitting power is at a good level
Speed is at a good level
Dodged a lot of shots, good blocking

Weak points:
Lack of bodyshots (still head hunting)
Need to work on endurance (I tired out pretty fast)

Here are some blurry pics of me versus Malcolm (I'm in the brown):

Haha, he just couldn't stop laughing. That was my first time meeting
Malcolm and it was worth the 45 minute drive to Santa Cruz. He can sure
cook good barbeque.


Friday, September 24, 2004

Entry #6
Nothing really happening today. I have a fight tomorrow in Santa
Cruz at my friend's house, so I'm saving my strength for tomorrow. I'll
post what happens on Sunday. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures of it
by then as well.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Entry #5

0510: Wake up. 8 hours of sleep. Morning stretches, nunchaku practice.

0610: Breakfast. Two wheat toast, half-plate of tomatoes, half-plate of eggs, four slices of salami, two glasses of milk.

0915: Bagel.

1130: Three strips of chicken breast and half a bowl of vegetables.

1350: One strip of chicken breast and half a bowl of vegetables, ham sandwich

1530: Half a roast beef sandwich from Togo's, one bottle of grapefruit juice.

1630: Weight lifting. Biceps, forearms, back, obliques.
Barbell Curls: 10 reps at 75lbs, 5 sets
Wrist Curls: 10 reps at 50bs, 5 sets
Barbell Pulls: 10 reps at 100lbs, 4 sets
Barbell Raise: 10 reps at 40lbs, 4 sets
Deadlifts: 10 reps at 135lbs, 5 sets
Barbell Side Crunches: 10 reps at 135lbs, 3 sets

1830: Nunchaku practice. Starting to get much faster and more accurate with swings.

1840:  Post workout protein shake.

1900: Half a roast beef sandwich, one bottle of grapefruit juice, seven spicy chicken wings, one glass of milk.

2000: One bowl of terriyaki chicken, rice, and vegetables, one glass of milk.

2035: 45 push-ups.

2045: Two glasses of milk. Bed

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Entry #4

0515: Wake up. 7.5 hours of sleep. Stretches. Nunchaku practice.

0615: Breakfast. Two slices of wheat toast, half plate of eggs, half
plate of hashbrowns, three slices of ham, half plate of tomatoes, two
glasses of milk.

0935: Snack at school. One bagel.

1145: Half a plate of beef and vegetables, one bottle of grapefruit juice.

1315: Cardio (PE at school). Two laps around the track, sprinting.

1510: Bowl of salmon and broccoli, plate of pasta and meat sauce, one cup of milk.

 1619: Weight-lifting. Chest, triceps, deltoids, abs.
Bench press: 8-10 reps at 155lbs, 4 sets
Flys: 10 reps at 70lbs, 4 sets
Military Press: 10 reps at 80lbs, 4 sets
Barbell shrugs: 10 reps at 130lbs, 4 sets
Skull Crushers: 10 reps at 100lbs, 4 sets
Weighted crunches: 10 reps at 30lbs, 5 sets
Reverse crunches: 10 reps, 5 sets 

1820: Post workout protein shake. 

1915: Two plates of beef and vegetables, one bottle of grapefruit juice, one glass of milk.

2000: 45 push-ups, nunchaku practice.

2025: One bowl of pasta, one glass of milk.

2050: Two glasses of
milk. Bed.                          

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Entry #3
Nothing much today. Managed to get in some bagwork for a few minutes,
along with nunchaku practice. I'll start my training schedule
tomorrow. Also, I might be participating in a match this Saturday. The
only problem is getting a ride all the way to Santa Cruz. If I do make
it, I'll try to post some pictures. I really need to work on my
technique more. Last match I had didn't go very well. It's true I was
wearing loose shoes, but I was really sloppy. Gotta work on that.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Entry #2
I'm not going to be doing a whole lot of training today or
tomorrow due to all the homework I have. Wednesday, I'm going to
be going to the gym. I plan on recording my hours of sleep, my diet,
and the work that I do. I can at least do some bagwork
tomorrow. On another note, I received one of the nunchaku that I
ordered in the mail today. It's a practice one, so it's made out of
rubber. The real one should be coming in a week or so. I got a
chance to practice with them for about ten minutes.

Trust me, it looks even worse in motion. Verdict: I suck with nunchaku.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Entry #1
This training log has been created for the sole purpose of recording my training on the road to becoming a fighter.

AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 6'0"
2 years of weight-lifting
Currently self-taught martial-arts (plan to join a school once college begins)