Thursday, June 21, 2018

Was driving to Muay Thai when I got pulled over and issued a citation for making an illegal left turn. He said lots of people do it at that area. It really does look like a turn lane, but oh well. Ticket was $25 but apparently I have to go to court and court fees add up so it's more? Weird. More importantly, I missed class so I came home and ran sprints up Heart Attack Hill.

Did a lot of grocery shopping today. Went to Grocery Outlet instead of the local market for my main haul and saved a ton of money on meat and other things. I'm saving up to get a Winning FG 5000 headpiece. Comes out to $340 on Rakuten. They canceled sparring tomorrow so hopefully I will have it in time for next Friday. Wish I had known about nose guards and how little protection open-face gear provides before I bought my Venum one.
Two good days of training to report. On Tuesday I worked up to the usual box squatting workout with 330x5.

Went to Muay Thai on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was a tough conditioning day but it wasn't too bad. Everyone else was dying and had to keep taking breaks. When class started and we just started burning out on the exercise bikes and slamming medicine balls I was thinking that I would rather be working on technique but luckily we quickly incorporated bag and mitt work into the class which alleviated my concerns.

Yesterday was just me and one other girl in the class. Actually worked out pretty nicely for myself because I got more intimate coaching. Did a drill where one person jabbed with a left low kick following it and the other person parried. Very simple. Got told not to jab so fast so she can react. Added in 2-3, then switched the kicking sides. Eventually got up to 1, kick, 2-3, kick, 3-2, kick. Ended with working the same thing on the heavy bag with power behind it. Coach Payam really steps out wide when kicking. He said we need to really push with the leg and step way out so the kicking leg swings over hard. Felt a lot of power by stepping out more. Same thing we went over before on a Saturday.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Axle strict press
Work up to 170 x 3
Good weight to put up. Not too hard on the right arm.

140 x 7, 8, 8, 8

Dumbbell bench press
50s x 12, 13

Dumbbell curl, left arm
50 x 8, 8

Plate curls
45 x 20

12, 10

Working overtime on Mondays now. No time for both lifting and Muay Thai.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Did some shadowboxing and kicking for about 12 minutes this morning on an empty stomach except for a little bit of protein. Some progress pictures, with the last one being relaxed:

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Weighed in at 197.6 this morning. Exactly what I told myself I wanted to be before I stepped on the scale. Losing 2 lbs a week is good.

Got ready to go to Muay Thai at 9:15 until I realized at 8:55 that it's at 9:00, not 15 after like during the week. Damn. Opted to do the workout I had planned later in the day instead. Some benefits to this happening because my toes still hurt and I have minor pain in my right hamstring if I lift the leg from stretching too hard again in the split position.


SSB squats
185 x 5
230 x 5
280 x 5

240 x 9, 10, 10

Swiss ball leg curls and reverse crunches

8 minute jog after

Gonna make the rest of the day a cheat day.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Went on a 50 minute jog from 8-9 tonight. Going to bed early to wake up for Muay Thai. Less partying and more training lately on Fridays.

From yesterday


Axle bench press
130 x 5
150 x 5
180 x 5
200 x 5

160 x 10, 10, 10, 10

All Super-set with barbell rows up to 135x10


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Went to Muay Thai on Tuesday and Wednesday. We actually did some limited sparring where each person takes turns throwing a punch and a kick, making sure not to do the same combo twice in proximity. One dude just starts full-on sparring me, ignoring the drill. Barely got hit because his punches were pretty wild and I blocked and parried well.

I've noticed that some of my bad habits that I've worked to rectify are cropping up in the very beginning of class and it's taking me a while to warm-up. Yesterday on my very first kick I totally missed the shield and went over it, smashing my toes on my partner's shoulder and keeping me in pain the rest of the session. Paying attention to where my kicks land is something I've worked on recently.

Monday, June 11, 2018


Axel strict press
110 x 5
130 x 5
150 x 5
Super-set with pull-ups x 8

90 x 9
95 x 9, 9
Super-set with pull-ups x 8-9

Dumbbell bench press
50s x 20, 20
First dumbbell exercise with both arms. Used both arms to get the right dumbbell into position. Still don't feel ready to curl a 50. I tried to a few weeks ago for partial reps and felt something twinge. Probably scar tissue, but eh, I'll work up to it.

Curls with 50x7 on left arm

No Muay Thai. Worked overtime today.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Did Muay Thai in the morning just about two hours ago. First drill was one partner throwing a 1 or a 1-2 at the holder's cue and the holder throwing a right low kick so the puncher checks. We just used our boxing gloves instead of mitts and my glove kept getting loose. Eventually added a hook so it's 1, 1-2, or 1-2-3, depending on the call-out. Also switched the leg kick side. Got told not to move into the direction of my partner's back leg so I don't walk into a kick. I suppose if I moved fast enough that would actually work to my advantage in stuffing his kick, though. Also jammed my same thumb. It's a new bad habit from overcompensating in trying to loosen up. Keep fists closed.

Second drill was on the bag. Coach Payam would call out a combo that we could execute, checking at the end each time. Got corrected on how little I'm stepping to the right when throwing that left kick. Actually, got told the same thing last time but on the opposite leg. In short, step more to the side and follow with the kick. Power increased exponentially from this.

Finished up with ab work. Reverse crunches super-set with sit-ups. Three rounds of this. Just what I wanted. I didn't have time to do abs after squats yesterday and figured we'd do something in class anyway.

Eating clean this morning and afternoon, then making it a liberal evening at a Tiki bar and restaurant in Oakland for the birthday.

SSB squats
350 x 5
395 x 3
440 x 1

330 x 7, 8, 8

Three hill sprints a couple of hours later, after dinner.

Sunk in pretty deep for that 440. Had to fight a little bit.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Axle bench press
Work up to 160 x 5

One-arm dumbbell press
Work up to 140 x 3
Super-set with bent-over dumbbell rows up to 125 x 10

Axle bench press
200 x 5, 7, 8, 8
Super-set with barbell rows of 185 x 5, 8, 8, 8, 10

Curls, rear-delts

Getting heavy on the bilateral stuff. Good milestones. Surgery site is feeling a little tender but no pain. Feeling kinda bloated. Ate horrible pizza, fried chicken, and a cinnamon roll at this game place last night with my nieces and sister.

Picture from last night:

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Took a 40 minute nap after work yesterday's and went to Muay Thai. Held the mitts for a new guy and gave him a few basic pointers. On my turn the coach told me my hook is way too wide. It's an adjustment I made after I kept falling short in sparring. A long hook has its place in an arsenal but the biggest correction I need to make is being at the right distance and keeping the trajectory tight like before.

Jammed my thumb from keeping my hand too open. Rookie mistake.

Went through several basic combos and added kicks in before we did cardio circuits. Exercise bike, ab wheel, medicine ball slams, planks, in that order. Last 15 seconds on the bikes and slams were burnout phases. Third time since Saturday I'm doing this. Would rather have 100% technique training but there are a lot of out of shape people here who could benefit from this. Oh well.

Will take today completely off to give my body a break and attend my niece's graduation.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Muay Thai yesterday evening. Started out doing teams on the exercise bikes while the other half of the class (only 6 people in total, big for a Monday) did various exercises including with the medicine ball. Switched after 2 minutes. On the bike, final 15 seconds was all-out. Bag work was part of the rotation. Drills included knees and elbows only, right kicks, left kicks, and boxing.

Latter half of the class was throwing two punches and a kick at the opponent. Took turns. Went up against the big guy first. Cracked my toes a few times. Stupid. Made a point of striking at some new angles instead of just coming straight in and I found success getting around his guard. Watching boxing videos is giving me ideas.

Went up against this guy's brother next, a short guy who always runs and does Tae Kwon Do kicks. It was especially annoying this time because he'd backpedal way the fuck away after my first strike and it interrupted the combo because I'd have to come after him and go again, so it ended up being a strike, chase, second strike, chase, kick. Soon the coach stopped me and whispered "Corner him." I stopped being so frantic and concentrated on anticipating where he was going. It totally worked. As he moved I did the same while coming forward, always keeping him in front of me. Even when he tried to feint out I was more than agile enough to keep up and cut him off. Ended with him being stuck against the wall and me unloading light shots. Felt awesome. Total night and day difference.

We finished with some ab work.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Weigh-in yesterday in the morning was 198.6.

Twisted something in my side. Maybe from lifting yesterday, or moving too much in my sleep. Nothing major.

SSB box squats
330 x 3 x 5

SSB walkouts and hold
470 x 11 seconds

Swiss ball single-leg curls, weighted crunches

Post-workout meal of steak, toast, and a spinach smoothie before Muay Thai.

Did some very light shadowboxing and kicking yesterday morning at work.

One-arm dumbbell press
Work up to 115 x 1
Couldn't muster anything more. Shoulder felt dead bearing the weight.

Axle press
140 x 7
145 x 7, 7, 7
Super-set with pull-ups up of 7-10 reps

Curls, rear-delts

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Muay Thai was absolutely killer this morning. We started off skipping rope and went right into sparring, but only doing body shots. Yes! Can we please do more of this? I appreciate the drills but being able to put it all together against a reacting opponent is something I want more of. I'm finding my range with kicks much better these days, although I still had too many misses. Still got some really good shots and I no longer worry about landing my inside leg kick near the groin. Got warned by the coach not to keep looking at my opponent's legs. Eventually added very light jabs to the face. Got popped once square in the nose. Not hard but it made me worry a little about my septum. Went through 4 partners.

Ended with an insanely tiring circuit of max effort on the bikes alternating with medicine ball slams, push-ups, mountain climbers, and a few other things involving holding the balls either over our heads or out in front while we did knees and side shuffles. Between every one of the items I listed we'd burn out on the bike. Also did hard elbows and knees on the bag.

Got on the floor and did another circuit of various ab exercises and push-up variations. Went to failure numerous times, including on push-ups. Legs got an insane pump, too. Because I did sprints yesterday and this session today, I'm going to do squats on Sunday instead of today.

This all lasted from 9-10 but it felt way longer. Walked out absolutely beat. On Friday nights when I don't go out I'd like to make Saturday morning sessions a habit.
Woke up at 7:30 today to go to a 9AM Muay Thai class, something I've never had time for before. Quick breakfast of a tuna can, a small slice of wheat toast, a few orange slices, cottage cheese, and green tea. No cheat day today since I drank and ate carby two days last week for the convention.

Had a good run yesterday after work. Two hill sprints and then a jog afterwards. Passing by the high school I saw the track was empty so I did HIIT for a mile, sprinting hard once every quarter mile. Jog back home. Totally time...maybe 30 minutes? Not sure. Legs were pretty sore after. I've always been a really explosive sprinter. I remember a track coach saw me racing and tying with one of the football players in highschool (Rene; dude was an insane bodybuilder for being in his teens) and he invited me to join. Being so accustomed to hill sprints makes flat ground feel easy.

Friday, June 1, 2018

After work yesterday I spent about 30 minutes doing rear-delt raises, facepulls, and curls.

Muay Thai in the evening. No annoying warm-ups today for some reason, that was nice to skip. Just skipped rope and did some push-ups. 

Drilled with a partner on parrying the jab, grabbing the neck, and throwing a knee. Pretty easy. Switched sides eventually. Really not that much to report on here. It was hard to mess up.

Expanded that from a jab to a 1-2. 

Ended the session lying on the floor doing sit-ups while our partners slammed a Thai pad into our stomachs. Fun and I wanted the extra ab work.

Very easy session as far as a workout is concerned but hopefully instilled some good muscle memory patterns into countering. No sparring today. Canceled for the second week in a row. Just as well. Two weeks on from my last session and I still feel pain in my septum if I push on my nose.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bench press
Work up to 155 x 5

One-arm dumbbell press
100 x 8
115 x 8
125 x 9
Super-set with dumbbell rows of same weight x 8, finishing with bent-over barbell rows up to 155 x 8

Bench press
185 x 8
195 x 3 x 8
Super-set with Bent-over barbell rows up to 155 x 10

Stopped here. Worked overtime today and didn't want to have it get too late. May do some rear-delt work and curls tomorrow before Muay Thai. Didn't have time to go to class today due to the work day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

SSB squats
325 x 3
370 x 3
420 x 3

330 x 2 x 7
290 x 9

Swiss ball leg curl-ups

A couple of hours later I did the standard 3 sprints up Heart Attack Hill and a 10 minute-ish jog afterwards. Going to stretch after I shower, then bed. Muay Thai tomorrow.

Monday, May 28, 2018

No training to report on, but Fanime weekend (Saturday and Sunday for me) was a blast. Friend time did me well. As with Yaoicon, I went as Miyata Ichirou. Also as with Yaoicon, though more surprisingly at this larger event, zero people recognized me. Ate a lot of calories, especially on Saturday. I've enjoyed representing the Ippo faction thus far but next time I plan on having a full-fledged Guts from Berserk get-up.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Overhead press
Work up to 135 x 5
Super-set with pull-ups

Landmine press
90 x 8
125 x 8, 8
135 x 8
Superset with pull-ups

Overhead press
140 x 7, 7, 7, 8
Superset with pull-ups

Curls and rear-delt raises

Afterwards I oversaw a plumber and junk collection company to clear the backyard. Renovations are very therapeutic, like I'm changing the old house that my ex defiled. Intermittently eating a steak and some goat cheese/spinach ravioli as I supervise everything. Then Fanime tonight with George and his girlfriend and Azzy. I wanted to go as Kenahiro but wasn't satisfied with my costume options and since I already bought everything for Yaoicon I will be going as Miyata again.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

One thing I find bad humor in yesterday I want to note: at one point, as I was trying to talk to my ex she pushed my face. It wasn't hard but it hurt because my septum and front gums still have pain from sparring last Friday. Tells me with the level some people go at I should invest in a facemask with a noseguard.

Family conflict is arising from this ordeal, stupidly. My sister blames me for my ex breaking in and I blame her for blaming me. We argued today and I'm just going to shun her now, and probably forever.

Anyway, while emotional hang-ups are there today was much better. Missed Muay Thai yesterday because of obvious reasons taking up my time but came in today even though I really didn't feel like it. Didn't sleep well, felt distracted mentally, and was tired, which was all the more reason to reject the call of weakness and train. Ended up having a good session. I've been doing stretches before leaving for class. Nothing extensive, just about 5 minutes of lying on my back against the wall and letting my legs spread open. I am noticing the change in my kicks, particularly my left. It's not everytime but there are moments where I kick high so easily with the technique falling into place it catches me by surprise. No longer feel like I have to force kicks up.

No mitts today. Partner would throw a kick that I checked, followed by a body kick I'd block, then repeat on other side. Then attacker and defender switch. Repeat.

Added in a counter. 3-2 for left side after the check and again after the body kick. 2-3 for right side. Repeat.

Then did 1 minute of heavy bag work followed by 1 minute of abs. Repeat for 10 minutes. Did planks, sit-ups, and leg raises. The math for that amount of exercises obviously doesn't add up so I'm not sure if we did longer striking rounds or it was just cut short, to be honest.

Finding it cathartic to write about what's bothering me and transitioning to training to finish off, the way it is in life. Boot out what gets in the way.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Craziest day of life, by far. Missed Muay Thai because I went to to talk to my ex. Was physically threatened and got Coke dumped on me. As I drove away she phoned me and asked me to come back so I did. Nobody answered the door. Was there for about 10 minutes. When I got home I found that she had broke into my family's house while I was away, threw shoes off the porch for the second time now, threw a tablet in the trash, and ripped up my sister's succulents. Just got back now from the grocery store at 10:53 pm.

I did box squats for 330x3 and walkouts with 470 before. Leg AND mental training!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Muay Thai yesterday evening. Small class, only three other people (and they were all related). Mondays seem to be like this, but in general I've noticed very few consistent trainees.

Warm-ups were changed up a bit. Immediately got on the bike and did a mile before doing the usual jogging, skipping, inchworms, etc. Got right into Thai pad work, with me starting out striking. Partner was the big guy from sparring (today on Tuesday my nose and front teeth still hurt from Friday). Began by throwing a 1, check the holder's kick, right kick. Eventually added a 2 after the 1 and then some other combos I don't remember. Left kick is much improved. It's still a little ugly but it's actually a kick now, and makes that satisfying snap on the pads. Before I was so tight I was feebly raising my left leg up to make any kind of contact with them. I've been doing stretches everyday that consist of going up against a wall, lying on my back with my legs in the air against the wall, and spreading them open. Good way to watch movies on my tablet and stretch at the same time.

We finished up with rounds on the heavy bag. One person at a time would work in with the coach holding Thai pads. I embarrassingly didn't know what a 6 was. Going to memorize all the numbers. Got smacked a few times for not having my guard high enough.

Afterwards the coach talked about how he tried to throw us off several times by changing things up from how we usually do things. I dug it. He recommended we watch clips of Mayweather in the gym training others.

I hope class size gets bigger.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Bench press
Work up to 185 x 5

One-arm dumbbell press
50 x 5
100 x 3
115 x 3
125 x 3
137 x 1 (failed second)
125 x 3
Had the bench resting on two patio pavers on one end to flatten it out and it made things wobbly. Struggling to keep the dumbbell handle balanced.

Bench press
185 x 8
195 x 8, 8

Most sets super-set with barbell rows of up to 155x8. First time doing this movement since the surgery.

Facepulls and curls

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Went on a 20 minute walk after breakfast in the morning, did some stretches at work, and just now went on a 20 minute jog in the evening.

I've been running a free trial of UFC Fight Pass but I canceled my membership today before the billing period. Disappointed that the Live Event viewer only had the prelims, not the free FS1 event that aired yesterday. Wanted to see Maia's fight. PPV events also take too long to get uploaded.

In other training news, pre-ordered this for Steam. Includes the Alpha games and the three SF3 versions. I have only ever played Third Strike.

Took a 20 g edible and went on a walk to Vasona Park after squats and dinner yesterday. Trippy experience. It was too strong for being outdoors and having to walk home. My legs felt weird and what I later realized was a cramp in my leg made me think in the moment that was I was walking wrong and hurting my knee, haha. The trek home was mentally tough. Lying in the grass and listening to music felt before felt awesome, though. Back at home I utterly pigged out on leftover Mexican food from the work dinner, wings, a donut, and milk.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

SSB squats
300 x 5
350 x 5
395 x 5
Legs felt sore from sparring but this wasn't too tough at all. It may be superficial pain from getting kicked rather than muscle soreness. I honestly can't tell for sure.

310 x 3 x 8

Swiss ball leg curl-ups and weighted crunches with a 50 lb kettlebell

Now that I can do pull-ups I'm thinking I will procure the means to do dips. Left shoulder has been bugging me lately. Maybe the added variety over just barbell pressing all the time will be good for it or maybe dips will prove even more stressful on that area. Worth a try. May also try reverse-grip benching. Wish I didn't leave my Swiss bar in Portland.
Sparred yesterday. Am over being sick but still congested. Could not breathe through my nose and sparred with an open mouth. Combined with a guy who hit way too hard made for a painful combination. It was only one guy this time doing it, the big dude. Man, it's really annoying to go through this every time. Blew my nose between rounds in the bathroom because I was a snot monster and blood came out.

The other two guys were great. Still punishing enough to dole out consequences but not blasting me by any means. Used kicks more effectively than before, but nothing above the thigh. The confidence for that will come in time. Getting closer to finding my range with hooks. Still falling short but I'm grazing people now. Threw a few more body shots than before too but not enough.

Went home with my front teeth and nose killing me and back out to George's after. Unwinded with some micheladas, bad movies, and Resident Evil Revelations 2.

On another note, returned my ex's belongings to her earlier in the day and got a torrent of abuse through text for it. So dumb. Bruce Lee's quote from Enter the Dragon came to mind.

Friday, May 18, 2018

May 9, 2008: "George informed me that he's had more time to train, of late. We expect a fight next visit. I'm planning on buying some headgear this weekend."

Took 10 years but I got that headgear (as of two weeks ago). Looking forward to sparring today as I could use the distraction.


Barbell strict press
Up to 135 x 5

Dumbbell push press
Work up to 115 x 2
Couldn't get a third up. Hoisting it up for every rep with one hand. Will be nice to be able to use 2 eventually. Almost feeling like a strongman again.

Barbell strict press
140 x 3 x 7

Decline push-ups

Pull-ups superset between almost all sets. Also did a lot of rear delt work at the end.

Work dinner went well last night. Started at about 6 which was good for getting a pleasant drunk on and coming home early. Ate some really salty Mexican food. Was in bed by 10:50 and am feeling well-rested this morning at work.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Really good Muay Thai session last night. Kicks have been on-point this week. Haven't hurt my feet at all. Did jam my thumb throwing a right on the Thai pads. Shows that I'm punching hard with that arm at least. Stretching has been helping my left kick. Tight hips have been an issue. Learned to slow down pad work and reset my stance between combos. Got a better cardio workout than Monday, did more things in general.

Went through (another) break-up after that. Things look to be over for good this time. Particularly rough after having spent 4 days including the weekend traveling together. Sad but it's also time to move on. Feeling numb and not too stressed, but that's likely to change in the coming days.

Work dinner tonight at a Mexican restaurant. Will drink tequila and some beer. Coming home early because it's a work night.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stayed sick over the weekend during a birthday trip to San Francisco and got better enough by Monday to train. Did a bench and dumbbell press workout, going up to 190x7 and 135x2, respectively. Muay Thai a few hours later. Very easy session. Wore my contacts and didn't misaim when throwing kicks. Don't know if there's a correlation there.

Yesterday I did box squats of 330x3x5.

Friday, May 11, 2018


SSB squats
185 x 5
230 x 5
275 x 5

240 x 7, 7, 7

Still sick. Woke up after 9 hours of sleep and had leftover steak and a green smoothie for breakfast, followed by black mixed with fruit tea and ginger. Working the afternoon shift.

Have a sushi dinner to go to in the evening but am looking forward to it after dieting this week.
Am sick and also gouged my own left eye holding the pads for someone kicking. Dumb.

Though miserable, I went to a kick-ass concert yesterday, a metal cello group.
Drank no alcohol. It was a 2-hour drive to Berkeley with traffic. Ate a ground beef and spinach bowl in the parking garage and had some low carb food at this restaurant called Eureka after the show (deviled eggs, pork ribs, and a steak salad). Good time.


Overhead press
95 x 5, 8, 8 (behind-the-neck), 8
115 x 8
Super-set with pullups

Landmine press
125 x 3 x 7
Super-set with pullups

Curls, rear delt and external rotation work

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Have gone to Muay Thai Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I am going to have to back off a bit for the rest of the week because my right foot is hurting the more I get sloppy with kicks. It's a problem for me when we're throwing fast and especially on the Thai pads where I can't dictate the height like I can on the bag. I know everything I'm doing wrong - it's a matter of practice and repetition at this point. Tight hips are also part of the problem.

Weight loss is coming along nicely. My scale needs new batteries so I don't have a number but I definitely notice in my abs. Getting harder on myself with dieting and portion sizes.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Did a full-bodied workout because I'm going to be busy meeting Stephanie for lunch in San Francisco tomorrow and won't have time to train.


SSB box squats
290 x 3 x 5

Bench press
185 x 5
195 x 5
195 x 5
Super-set with T-bar rows

Friday, May 4, 2018

Went into this session with a better expectation of what to do: people hit hard, so give what you get. Switches rounds throughout the 45 minutes so I can't accurately give a breakdown of each one. After the first two rounds though I felt myself gassing, which stunned me. For one, I found it harder to breathe with the gear on and only one other person wore one. Something I have to get used to.

Had the most trouble with the tallest guy in the class, a guy who looks to be about 6'5 or so, hits and kicks really hard, and frequently shouts Street Fighter lines when hitting the bag. Got some cool bruises from all the kicks he threw. My kicks are awful in sparring situation and I frequently find my range off so I make contact with my toes. This leads me to kicking lightly and handicaps me against opponents. For what it's worth I started landing some clean ones against a shorter opponent later.

Felt a little looser this time and experimented with the hitman style which really had me popping my jab out and tagging chins. Still gun-shy with my right but it's getting there.

As I was walking out I said my goodbyes and this one dude I recognized from last year who seems really experienced said, "Hey, you have some really awkward movements, and your jab is AW-" I prepared to laugh and agree that my jab is awful - "AWESOME. You threw it from crazy angles and I got hit because I couldn't read it." I was shocked and thanked him. I frequently see this guy helping others and getting the better of everyone else there so that was a big deal to me.
Worked up to dumbbell push pressing 115. Got it up, dropped it, swung it back up and hit a second. Failed a third attempt. Also did pull-ups for the first time post-surgery. Used leg drive a little bit and started cautiously but by the end of the session I was doing them mostly with arm power. No hang between reps, had my feet touch the ground. Big milestone. Used a neutral grip.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Missed Muay Thai yesterday because I took a nap after getting home late from having my car serviced and I overslept. Rest did me well though, I felt sore and tired. Went on a 45 minute walk at a quick pace after dinner.
SSB squats
345 x 5
390 x 3
435 x 1
With no more knee pain and my back feeling better going in I'm squatting more confidently. Actually, my back has been hurting when I wake up more than before but today at work I massaged it a bunch and did some stretches. Have some postural changes in mind to implement. Very pleased with how easy this was compared to prior weeks and what that signifies as I lose weight and do Muay Thai (admittedly I have not gone this week as much).

330 x 7, 8, 8

Abs and Swiss ball leg curls

4 hill sprints a couple of hours later.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Went running a couple of hours after lifting yesterday. Three hill sprints and then about a 12 minute jog with a few short sprints mixed in there. Training twice a day is becoming a norm.

Rear delts and general upper-back area are very sore today.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Very sore today. Was gonna take the day off of weights and do cardio, but I chose to have fun and engage in some social eating via a glazed donut at a work meeting and some tacos one of the plumbers brought me from lunch so I decided to put the calories to use. Keeping volume low on pressing and weight heavy.

Bench press warm-ups
Up to 155 x 8

One-arm dumbbell press
100 x 3
115 x 3
125 x 3
135 x 2
Super-set with Bent-over dumbbell rows up to 125 x 8
Anything past the 125 is with a dumbbell handle and plates. Couldn't come up for a third. Weight felt surprisingly light for the first two reps despite soreness.

Bench press
185 x 7, 8, 8
Super-set with T-bar rows up to 170 x 10
Hey now, that's some decent weight. Arm feels strong. Can't decide what feels better, benching 185 or rowing three 45s and 35.

Buncha curls, external rotator raises, rear-delt dumbbell raises, facepulls
Another Muay Thai session last night. Did this a few hours after box squats. Small group today, just 5 in total.

Partnered up with one person holding the mitts and the other throwing a 1, 1-2, post with the left, and following the shove with a right cross. Partnered up with the older guy who I sparred with on Friday with me holding the mitts first. On my turn to strike I overextended my right and felt pain. This never happens with my left so I can only surmise it's because of the surgery. In any case, it's probably good I'm reaching new levels of extension.

Drill 2 involved adding a lead roundhouse at the end. I am AWFUL at kicking with my left. It is a completely different animal than with my right and it looks like I've never thrown a kick in my life when I do it. I got advice to whip my arm down to act as a counterbalance and this made a huge difference in my ability to actually throw the leg out. I'd been told to do the opposite earlier by keeping my hand up and out as a guard.

Next we moved on to bagwork. Two punches of any kind followed by a kick. I opted for left kicks exclusively to get more practice. On round 2 we could only elbow strike and knee.

We then did calisthenics, which I can always do without. I'm here to learn technique, not workout. Given how out-of-shape almost everyone else is, though, I can't blame the coach for including this. He broke out the ab wheels and while one person repped it the other squatted. I got told to widen my squat stance and not go as deep for reasons unknown to me. On the ab wheel I did mine from a standing position before going down to my knees. By the way, first time using one of these since my surgery.

Finished up with planks, which I had already done to failure earlier in the day after box squats (was able to hold onto it the entire time here) and sit-ups, throwing a 1-2 at the bag at the top. We also did push-ups for something like a minute straight.

Front delts are a little sore after all this. Making sure I'm giving myself ample time to recover and to include more rear delt work and pulling.

Monday, April 30, 2018

SSB box squats
330 x 3 x 5
Knee is feeling good again.

470 x 2 x 10 second holds
420 x 15 second hold while Hise shrugging

Weighted crunches
50 lbs x 2 x 12

60 seconds

I'm upping the ab work lately. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Went to sparring yesterday. Not everyone had the full set of equipment so some partners were limited to throwing 1-2s while the other person defended. I started off doing this with a new girl who had facial piercings so I made sure not to make any contact with her face. Gave her some pointers on not standing square and to keep her hands up.

We switched partners at the sound of the timer. Was able to spar a shorter guy who I've met before. He was moving around a lot and making me chase him so I used my reach and cut off his trajectory. Sparred another guy who has given me tips on technique before but his cardio isn't good and he had to stop to catch his breath a couple times.

Third partner was an older guy who suddenly hit me super hard and would not let up. He also clinched. I was kind of angry in the moment because I've gone far lighter than him and had the other coach tell me to lighten it up and slow down, whereas this coach reacted by telling me to tighten up my guard and defend. Instead of matching his power I bruted through his clinch attempts, parried and blocked, and lightly made contact with his chin over and over again because his guard wasn't great. I'll suck it up and adapt to the different coaching styles and go a little harder next time against this dude. He got gassed and slowed down a little as time went on.

After time was up I had a lot of energy left so I stayed behind and let loose on the heavy bag. Cadio is holding up very good. I didn't get tired until the bag.

Overhead press
135 x 5, 5, 5, 5
Super-set with band pulldowns

Dumbbell push press
Up to 100 x 4 for 2 sets
Super-set with band pulldowns

Landmine press
125 x 8, 8, 8
Super-set with Meadows rows x 8 and band pulldowns
Minor back tweak on the last set.

Decline push-ups and band chest flyes super-set followed by curls with a 45 and finishing with horizontal band curls

Going to a birthday party in Concord today. Going to eat a lot.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

SSB squats
320 x 3
370 x 3
415 x 3
This was a roller-coaster. Knee and back were hurting. I walked out with the 415 THREE times only to walk it back because I felt my back tighten up, which happens before a really bad tweak. My knee had also hurt on the 370. Finally, I went for a 4th, took a wide stance, and really sat back into the decent, ready to cut the set short if I felt pain. Did three reps and felt good for 5. Very happy.

330 x 3 x 7

Had a shake and then did some sets of Swiss ball leg curl ups and ab work, including weighted crunches with a 50 lb kettlebell.